Pre-Construction & Project Development

The Martin Group provides a full service reconstruction department that consistently delivers the results that our clients require to effectively plan and execute their projects. Our services relate to a wide range of delivery methods and markets.

Budget Development and Estimating
Conceptual estimates are critical to projects success. At the onset of the conceptual phase, The Martin Group will implement a collaborative approach, incorporating sound advice from our subject matter experts, and drive a continuous process of cost forecasting, and control. This process will focus on realistic budgeting, accurate documentation, and the active review of costs throughout the project in order to capitalize on every dollar being spent.
Our experienced estimating team utilizes real time marketplace input, and our extensive project cost database to collaborate with all project stakeholders in the development of cost estimates. With minimal documentation, The Martin Group supports important concept decisions with our analysis to help further along the project development. As the design formalizes, we will continue providing advice as to the cost, schedule and conductibility of the project will producing estimates for each design phase of the project.

Value Management
As a team effort throughout the preconstruction phase we will continue to review the different design options and identify alternatives, feasibility. Perform material and systems analysis (to determine the most cost effective approach is being considered) and any schedule impacts.

Construction Reviews
The Martin Group construction team will review final design documents to ensure they are clear and efficient and coordinated and to identify any variances, gaps or overlaps.

Bid Development
Bid Forms - Once documents are ready for bid, our staff will create bid forms for each trade being bid listing the required scope to be bid on. This eliminates any gaps or overlaps by the bidders during the bidding process and also streamlines the leveling process.
Bidding - When completed the bid form and construction documents are sent to our large team of subcontractors. Using our strong relationships with the subcontractors enables us to get and provide the most competitive pricing.
Descope - Descope meetings are held with qualified bidders after the bids are received and reviewed by our staff ensuring that bid forms are complete and comparable. Once reviewed, a recommendation will be made to the client.

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